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Remit Recommendation to NZKC

We all know that the media request we received from Stuff is not the first and won’t be the last request for views on the perception that the increase in popularity of brachy breeds (particularly French bulldogs and British bulldogs) are causing welfare issues.


The SBC have made a recommendation to the NZKC delegates conference to establish a Taskforce represented by members from the specialist French and British bulldog clubs to develop methods and tools to help protect our breeds and to effectively face the public and media scrutiny. We believe a lot has to do with research and education so we can understand the real issues (not just those thrown around in the media). The intention is that the taskforce would identify options for moving forward so that registered reputable breeders can continue to improve the health of their dogs with confidence. Provide tools to educate the public, media and vets of what constitutes a well bred French bulldog or British bulldog.  Identify methods that enable the NZKC to effectively work with us as member clubs representing these breeds.


We have identified French and British bulldogs at this stage but do recognise that there are a lot of brachycephalic breeds and we welcome input from their clubs and breeders as well.


A copy of the recommendation is attached to the SBC website and the facebook page.


If anyone has any questions in regard to this please do feel free to ask


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